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Sunstop SPF 30+ Sunscreen Cream 120ml


Sunstop SPF 30+ Sunscreen Cream 120ml

Is the ideal sunscreen cream to protect delicate and fair skin against the damaging effects of UVB radiation, UVA1, UVA2 radiation, visible light and infrared radiation. Sunstop SPF 30+ Sunscreen Cream is able to filter 99.9% of UVB raidation emitted  by the sun. Sunstop SPF 30+ Sunscreen Cream also contains multiple physical, chemical and biological filters to absorb, reflect and diffuse radiation to prevent it from penetrating into the skin and fight free radical formation which will cause  cellular damage.
Apply a sufficient amount over face, ears, neck, arms, legs and any other part of the body exposed to sun light. Apply ever four hours or after excessive perspiration or towel drying.
(Super Microfined) Zinc Oxide, Octyl Methoycinnamate, Oxybenzone, Vitamin E
120ML tube
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